Student Conference 2018 Photo Competition

Calling all budding photographers!


Enter this year’s RMetS Student Conference Photo Competition for the chance to have your photograph published in ‘Weather’. All you need is a basic camera and some interesting weather to photograph for a chance to win. 

Whether you are climbing a mountain or simply walking to work, if you capture a great photograph then share it in our competition.  The image must be related to weather or climate, but the exact details of the image are up to you.

What is the prize?

The winning photograph will appear on the Society’s website and be considered for publishing in the RMetS monthly magazine ‘Weather’ in addition to being considered for the next Society calendar. In addition, the winner will receive a brand new RMetS Silver Weather Station and a certificate.

How is the competition judged?

Entries will be reviewed by the Conference Delegates, Conference Organising Committee and Keynote Speakers. RMetS staff will make the final decision. All competition entries will be shown during the conference and the winner will be announced at the Conference Dinner. Delegates will be encouraged to vote via the registration desk at the conference.

The judges will consider both photographic merit and meteorological context in deciding upon the winner.

The decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

How should I capture my image?

You can use any type of camera or mobile phone to create your images. It is recommended that you use the highest image quality setting your camera can achieve.

How do I submit my image?

Please submit images by email only to with the subject ‘RMetS Student Conference Photo Competition’ by 5pm on Friday 29th June 2018. 

The following file-naming convention must be used: DDMMYYYY_HHMM_location_firstname-surname_other.jpeg

DDMMYYYY = date picture was taken

HHMM = time picture was taken

Location = where was the picture taken?

Other = any other information that might be useful e.g. meteorological context

Name = your full name e.g. joe-bloggs

Example filename: 16052017_2053_reading_joe-bloggs_sunset.jpeg

You may submit a maximum of three images. If more than three are submitted, only the first three images will be included.

Images submitted to the competition must be in the following digital format.

File format JPEG only, monochrome or colour

File-naming conventions must be followed

Images submitted not following the file-naming convention, or images larger than 4 MB, will be rejected. If possible, notification by e-mail will be provided, but this cannot be guaranteed.

Can I use post-capture software manipulation?

Post-capture software manipulation of images should be kept to the minimum. Minor adjustments such as cropping, panorama ‘stitching’ and contrast adjustments are permitted, but not to the extent that a submitted image does not fairly represent the original scene. If significant software manipulation has been undertaken on the image, please include details in the caption. Where it is the opinion of the judges that significant image manipulation has been used without it being declared in the caption, or where there is doubt as to the veracity of the image, the image will be rejected from the competition without notice.


By entering into the competition you agree to abide by the following rules. Any breach of these rules by you will void your entry.

The competition is open to all who submit photographs which comply with the conditions stated above. Society members and non-members alike may enter. 

By submitting images to the Competition, you confirm and warrant that: 

You are the sole author of each entry and that it is your original work;     

You are the sole owner of the copyright in each image; 

You agree that the Royal Meteorological Society may use any submitted entries in any future Society publication or media (Copyright will be retained by the photographer in all cases, and the Society will make every effort to ensure that name credits are given to any photograph published in any medium.). For avoidance of doubt, usage of any submitted photograph will be permitted for Society purposes only; there is no intention to create a general commercial archive of photographs entered into this competition; 

You have the permission of any persons pictured in the image (or, where the image shows any persons under 18, the consent of their parent/guardian) for the usage rights required by the Society and will indemnify the Society against any claims made by any third parties in respect of such infringement; 

You have not licensed or disposed of any rights in the image that would conflict with any uses that may be made of the image by the Society; 

You will be responsible for any claim by any third party in respect of your entry.