Dr Catherine Muller


Head of Public Engagement

I joined the Society HQ team in July 2014. My role involves engaging both members (students, professional meteorologists, academics and amateur enthusiasts) and the wider public with weather and climate, as well as communicating news about the Society. I am responsible for a range of projects and initiatives, including online news features, publications (e.g. theWeather club e-magazine), social media, membership development, and outreach activities. 

Like many others, my interest in weather was sparked at a young age; I was obsessed with the weather, and each night I would watch the end of every news bulletin eagerly awaiting the weather forecast.  This was usually to find out whether a heatwave or blizzard was on its way, depending on the season.  This early obsession clearly had a big impact and at the age of 10 I had decided I would like to be a TV weather presenter when I grew up. Although I didn’t quite take that particular career path, from that moment onwards my future in meteorology was paved. 

Many years later I went on to receive an MSc in Applied Meteorology and Climatology and a PhD in Atmospheric Science (specifically investigating urban clouds and precipitation) from the University of Birmingham. Prior to working at the Society I was a post-doctoral researcher; firstly in the Earth Observation Science group at the University of Leicester, and then returning to Birmingham to work on a NERC-funded project to implement an urban meteorological sensor network. Both post-doc positions involved substantial research, teaching, educational outreach, public engagement and science communication activities.


  • cat‘Houston we have a problem’: Visiting NASA mission control during the Space Exploration Educator Conference (SEEC) in 2010
  • catInstalling an automatic weather station
  • cat 3School microclimate measurements with a year 1 class


Although I continue to be involved in scientific research as an Honorary Research Fellow at University of Birmingham (http://www.birmingham.ac.uk/staff/profiles/gees/muller-catherine.aspx), my full-time job at the Society now involves engaging the public in the subject I have found fascinating since childhood.