FRMetS Register

Becoming a Fellow normally requires a formal qualification (eg. a first degree in a science subject and/or post-graduate degree or an NVQ in a relevant discipline) and at least five years of professional experience within or directly related to meteorology. Exceptionally, long experience and performance at a high professional level, suitably attested by peer review, can replace the requirement for a formal academic or vocational qualification. MSc or PhD study in a relevant subject counts as one or two years experience respectively.

Apply to become a Fellow

To be considered for election to Fellow applicants need to be proposed by two existing Fellows.

Those elected may use the appellation FRMetS as a measure of professional competence in meteorology. Those elected to Fellow before this scheme was introduced on 5 September 2003 will need to apply for the use of FRMetS.

Title Forenames Surname Suffix
Mr Michael Wood FRMetS
Dr Nigel Wood FRMetS
Dr Curtis Ron Wood FRMetS
Dr Richard Wood FRMetS
Mr David Woodcock FRMetS
Mr Michael Woodley FRMetS
Mr Alistair Woodroffe FRMetS
Dr James Austin Woods FRMetS
Mr John Matthew Woods FRMetS CMet
Prof John Woods FRMetS
Ms Lorna Mary Woodward FRMetS
Mr Alfred Wooldridge FRMetS
Dr David Kevin Woolf FRMetS
Dr Andrew Woolf FRMetS
Prof Steven James Woolnough FRMetS
Miss Felicity Worsfold FRMetS
Mr Martin Worsley FRMetS
Mr Allan Wright FRMetS
Mr Bruce Wright FRMetS
Mr Peter Wright FRMetS
Mr Leonard John Wright FRMetS
Dr Peili Wu FRMetS
Prof Lucy Wyatt FRMetS
Mr Adrian Wynn FRMetS CMet
Mr Mark Wysocki FRMetS
Prof Zheng-Tong Xie FRMetS
Dr Yunqing Xuan FRMetS
Dr Yasuhiro Hiro Yamazaki FRMetS
Dr Xin Yang FRMetS
Dr King Kay Yeung FRMetS
Mr Kai Hing Yeung FRMetS
Mr Richard John Young FRMetS CMet
Mr Martin Victor Young FRMetS CMet
Mr Neil Young FRMetS
Prof Shaocai Yu FRMetS
Dr Wenyi Zhong FRMetS
Dr Min Zhu FRMetS
Prof Sergej Zilitinkevich FRMetS
Mr Walter Zwieflhofer FRMetS