FRMetS Register

Becoming a Fellow normally requires a formal qualification (eg. a first degree in a science subject and/or post-graduate degree or an NVQ in a relevant discipline) and at least five years of professional experience within or directly related to meteorology. Exceptionally, long experience and performance at a high professional level, suitably attested by peer review, can replace the requirement for a formal academic or vocational qualification. MSc or PhD study in a relevant subject counts as one or two years experience respectively.

Apply to become a Fellow

To be considered for election to Fellow applicants need to be proposed by two existing Fellows.

Those elected may use the appellation FRMetS as a measure of professional competence in meteorology. Those elected to Fellow before this scheme was introduced on 5 September 2003 will need to apply for the use of FRMetS.

Title Forenames Surname Suffix
Dr Keith Bower FRMetS
Mr David Bowker FRMetS
Dr Neill Edward Bowler FRMetS
Mr Anthony Bowles FRMetS
Mr Thomas Edwin Brabben FRMetS
Prof Peter Braesicke FRMetS
Lt Cdr Peter Charles Braley FRMetS
Dr Cedomir Brankovic FRMetS
Mrs Sarah Jane Brassington FRMetS RMet
Mr Joshua Brian Bratchley FRMetS
Dr David James Brayshaw FRMetS
Prof Anthony Brazel FRMetS
Mr James Thomas Brennan FRMetS
Mr Michael Brettle FRMetS CMet
Mr David Briggs FRMetS
Dr Vivien Bianca Bright FRMetS
Dr John Brindley FRMetS
Dr Helen Elizabeth Brindley FRMetS
Dr Charles Briscoe FRMetS
Mr Colin Bristow FRMetS
Mr Derek Clifford Brockway FRMetS
Prof David Bromwich FRMetS
Dr Robert Brook FRMetS
Mr Robert Brooks FRMetS
Mr Gregory Brooks FRMetS
Mr Stuart Brooks FRMetS
Dr Harold E. Brooks FRMetS
Mr Christian Brose FRMetS
Mr Clive Brown FRMetS
Mr William David Brown FRMetS
Mr Michael Brown FRMetS
Mr Donald Brown FRMetS BSC
Dr Andrew Ross Brown FRMetS
Mr Roderick Brown FRMetS
Rev Dr Robert Peter Cameron Brown FRMetS
Mr Adrian Brown FRMetS
Mr Philip Brown FRMetS
Dr Rodger Brown FRMetS
Mr James Brownhill FRMetS
Dr John Llewellyn Brownscombe FRMetS
Mr Alisdair Bruce FRMetS
Dr Roger Brugge FRMetS
Mr Sinclair Buchan FRMetS
Dr John Buckler FRMetS
Prof Roberto Buizza FRMetS
Dr carlo buontempo FRMetS
Mr Stephen Burt FRMetS
Dr Peter James Aiken Burt FRMetS
Mr Bernard Burton FRMetS
Dr Ralph Richard Burton FRMetS