Journal Collections and Equipment Donations

From time to time people donate items to the Society, such as weather equipment or archive journals, which we may offer up to members.  Here is a current list of items that are available for members (you may be required to pay postage costs or collect them in person):

  • 3 or 4 Cassella Thermographs
  • Weather Magazine - from 1950s to present
  • Weather Magazine - from November 1965 
  • Every Weather magazine since 1947, bound in leather volumes for every year up to 2003, as well as all the magazines since then.  
  • ‘Weather Log’ since April 1965 showing daily weather charts and a monthly summary.
  • RMetS Quarterly Journal, 2009-2015 inclusive
  • International J Met: 2008-2014 (some issues soiled)
  • Seven years to save the planet - the questions…and answers
  • The Callendar Effect    
  • Weather prediction by numerical process, second edition
  • Weatherwise Feb 1984 Vol 31 No 1
  • Weatherwise April 1986 Vol 39 No 2
  • Weather Eye Issue 24
  • The Meteorological Magazine Sept 1989
  • The Meteorological Magazine August 1989
  • The Meteorological Magazine July 1991
  • The Meteorological Magazine June 1991
  • The Meteorological Magazine May 1991
  • The Meteorological Magazine April 1991

If you are interested in any of these, please contact us at to be put in touch.