Corporate Responsibility Programme


solar panels

As part of the 2009 Strategic Plan the Society committed to reducing its carbon emissions by 20% by 2012. In actual fact, through a range of measures which included:

  • improving the insulation of the building (including renovating the windows and installing new secondary double glazing);
  • moving to a green energy supplier and installing an energy meter providing a live display of energy use;
  • installing energy-efficient lighting and water heating;
  • enabling power efficient modes on all technology;
  • decommissioning various underutilised pieces of equipment;
  • introducing a waste recycling scheme;
  • removing the office water coolers;
  • introducing a Green Travel Plan (including a ban on flights within the UK for all Society staff);
  • moving the production of Weather from Singapore to the UK

the Society managed to reduce its emissions by a fantastic 56%.
In order to maintain the momentum of this project and keep energy efficiency firmly in sight the Society has committed to reduce its emissions by a further 10% from 2011 levels. Having looked extensively at how we go about our daily routine at headquarters we have now installed ten photovoltaic panels on the roof of the building. Photovoltaic panels will not only reduce the Society’s reliance on fossil fuel generated electricity but will also free up money for education projects traditionally spent on energy bills. Combining these factors with the additional opportunity to increase community awareness of climate change makes the use of microgenerating technologies an attractive option for the Society.

Our solar panels can be seen in the image above.

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