Weather is the state of the atmosphere at any given time. Some places on the globe see very little change in weather from day to day; how boring is that? We are lucky in the UK that our weather is not as dangerous to life and property as it can be in other countries, but yet it can change from heavy rain to glorious sunshine in a matter of a couple of hours. A meteorologist will describe the weather in terms of accurate measurements of temperature, humidity, rainfall, pressure and many other factors – for example a temperature of 23.8°C, relative humidity of 67%, etc.  The weatherman on TV will be a bit less exact, but still give numbers for temperature (24°C) or wind speed (20mph).  But most people will simply use expressions such as “it’s nice and warm this afternoon” or “it’s raining cats and dogs”.

Here you can find out more about observing the weather, how weather forecasts are made, and see some interesting weather data and video resources.