Vaisala Award

Regulations for the Vaisala Award for Weather Observing and Instrumentation

The award shall recognise people or teams from within the amateur community, academia or business who have made significant contributions to instrumentation or observing across the meteorological and related sciences (for example weather and climate observing, cloud physics, physical oceanography and atmospheric composition).

Specifically the award shall recognise an outstanding contribution in one of the following areas:

instrument development;

the collection and quality control of observations;

insight into observing the weather/climate;

meteorological field campaigns.

The Society’s Special Interest Group on Meteorological Observing Systems would provide support to the Awards Committee in fostering nominations from the community for this award. The award shall be made biennially and is sponsored by Vaisala. The award shall not be limited to Society members and no one shall be eligible for the award a second time.

Title Forenames Surname Suffix Award year
  Jean-Blaise Ngamini   2015
Prof Douglas John Parker FRMetS 2015
Prof Andreas Fink   2015
Dr Serge Janicot   2015
Dr Ian Strangeways FRMetS 2012
Mr Michael Brettle FRMetS CMet