Society Outstanding Service Award

Regulations for the Society’s Outstanding Service Award

The award may be made annually for outstanding service to the Society by members or staff. In exceptional circumstances the award may be made to two individuals, whether for quite separate contributions or for a combined or related contribution. The award shall only be made if a nomination of sufficiently high standard is forthcoming and no person shall be eligible for the award a second time.

Title Forenames Surname Suffix Award year
Mr George Meldrum   2017
Dr Dennis Wheeler   2016
Mr Kenneth Cook   2016
  Kathy Maxwell   2015
  Althea Howard   2015
Mr Geoffrey Philip Eden FRMetS 2015
Mr Stan Cornford FRMetS 2013
Dr Julian Mayes FRMetS 2010
    Hunter   2009
Mr John Malcolm Walker FRMetS 2008
Mr Rodney Martin Blackall FRMetS 2007
  K Herrington   2006
Mrs Margaret McGraw   2006
Miss Marjory Roy   2005
Mrs Mary Spence   2003
Dr Roger Brugge FRMetS 2001
Mrs Andrea Geraldine Collins   1999
Mr Eric Harris   1997
Mr Ronald Swash   1995
Dr James Milford FRMetS 1993