L F Richardson Prize

Regulations for the L F Richardson Prize
The Prize shall be awarded annually for a meritorious paper which was published in a Society journal during the preceding four years, and was contributed by a member of the Society who in their early career in meteorology (which we define as no more than 15 years into their career, excluding career breaks) at the time of submission. The Prize may be shared by co-authors but all must be eligible and the Prize may not be awarded more than once to the same author.  The Prize shall only be awarded if a paper of sufficiently high quality has been published.

Title Forenames Surname Suffix Award year
Dr Annelize van Niekerk   2017
Dr Ian Boutle   2016
Dr Christopher Ferro   2015
Dr Cyril Julien Morcrette FRMetS 2014
Dr Jesse Norris   2014
Dr Cathryn Birch   2013
Dr Tim James Woollings   2012
Dr Helen Wells FRMetS 2011
Dr Neill Edward Bowler   2010
Dr John Hayward Marsham   2009
Mr Andrew Turner   2009
Dr Christopher David Westbrook   2008
Dr Andrew James Charlton-Perez   2007
Prof John Methven   2006
Dr Amos Stephen Lawless   2005
Prof Robin James Hogan FRMetS 2004
Prof Simon Barnaby Vosper   2004
Dr Jonathan Petch   2003
Dr Adrian Mark Tompkins   2002
Prof Eleanor Jo Highwood FRMetS 2002
  R Wood   2000
Prof Suzanne Louise Gray   2000
Dr Andrew Ross Brown   1999
Dr Adrian Philip Lock   1999
Prof Douglas John Parker FRMetS 1998
Prof John Thuburn   1996
Dr Jonathan Taylor FRMetS 1995
Dr Craig Bishop   1993
Dr Stephen Derbyshire   1991
Prof Keith Shine   1990
  J Thomas   1989
  J M Murphy   1988
Prof John Marshall   1985
    Kite   1984
Dr David Thomson FRMetS 1984
Prof Stephen Mobbs   1983
Dr Glenn Shutts   1982
Prof Alan O'Neill   1981
Dr N C Wells FRMetS 1980
Dr Michael Cullen   1979
Mr Christopher Hall   1979
Prof Alan Thorpe   1978
Mr Trevor Guymer FRMetS 1978