Membership Survey Results 2017


In 2017, the Society asked its members to complete a membership survey that would provide valuable information about they thought about the Society and what we could do differently. There were 8 key themes that came out of the survey. Feedback from the survey was reviewed by the Strategic Planning Group and these key messages were incorporated into the Society’s new Strategic Plan for 2018-2020.  We are also in the process of addressing these key points through a number of initiatives over the next three years.

Key Theme What you said What we're doing
Membership Clarify the different types of membership and the discounts available, as well as the procedures for applying, and improve member benefits, funding, joining gifts and membership card.  Making the procedure for becoming a Fellow, and the different types of membership categories, discounts and benefits, clearer.
Communication Continue bespoke, targeted communication, more regularly communicate activities and membership options via multiple channels, improve digital offerings and more involvement in climate change communication and at government-level. Continuing to produce bespoke communications for targeting different audiences via mailing lists to keep people informed of events and activities of interest, as well as member benefits and opportunities, and increasing our online communications, digital offerings and social media presence.
Education and Outreach More support for pre-university and post-university, including online courses and digital resources, expand theWeather Club, more climate science resources and public events. Providing more careers support and advice, and increasing the number of online tutorials/courses and multimedia resources to educate the public, teachers and STEM ambassadors, particularly on climate science topics.
Partnerships Increase outreach, educational and communications collaboration, more partnerships with allied subjects, societies, professional bodies in other disciplines, and more involvement with industry and business. Exploring new partnerships with universities, businesses and industries, and societies and professional bodies in other disciplines to support our outreach, educational and communication activities. 
Community Improve access to people and the number of in-person and online networking opportunities, recruit and connect with international members, continue to promote volunteer opportunities, engage and support amateur community. Exploring ways to connect members and increasing the number of networking opportunities, recruiting more international members and do more to make them feel connected, and continuing to promote our volunteering opportunities.
Careers Engage and involve younger people with Society, continue the mentoring scheme, provide more resources, training and information to support early careers, expand ambassador scheme, explore CPD opportunities, promote accreditation. Engaging younger people with Society to encourage them to become active in events/activities, increasing our careers support via mentoring and resources to support early career members as well as those changing careers, and promoting and justifying the Society and accreditation schemes to employers.
Events Continue and expand remote access to meetings and events, vary days, times and locations, wider variety of topics and sign-up for alerts, and lower conference fees. Expanding remote access more Society meetings and events, both national and local, including a wider variety of topics.
Publications Summarise articles for lay-person, improve quality of articles and Impact Factor of journals and keep offering Weather as a paper copy for members. Improving quality of articles and Impact Factor of our journals.


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2017 membership survey summary infographic

2017 membership survey results