Hugh Robert Mill Prize

Regulations for the Hugh Robert Mill Award

The Hugh Robert Mill Award shall be awarded for original research into the distribution of precipitation, or into the variation of precipitation in time at any place, or into precipitation either as a meteorological phenomenon, or in relation to climatology, agriculture, water supply, water power or other applications. The Prize shall be awarded biennially. The award shall not be confined to Fellows of the Society; no person shall be eligible for the award a second time.

Title Forenames Surname Suffix Award year
Dr Vikki Thompson   2017
Dr Christopher Taylor   2012
  Jim Wilson   2010
M Kitchen   2008
Mr Jarmo Koistinen   2008
Prof Geoff Austin   2006
Dr Philip Arkin   2004
  TJ Osborn   2002
  S Nicholson   2000
Prof Thomas William Choularton FRMetS 1996
Prof Philip Jones FRMetS 1994
Prof Michael Hulme BSC PhD 1994
Prof Anthony Illingworth   1991
S Gregory 1989
R D Stern 1987
Prof Christopher Kenneth Folland FRMetS 1985
Prof Christopher George Collier HonFRMetS CMet 1981
Dr Eric Barrett   1981
Dr John Rodda   1979