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How much does it cost?

The application fee for CMet is £198.00. There is an annual renewal fee for CMet of £49.00. These fees are in addition to membership. View membership, application, and renewal fees here.

How long does accreditation last?

To remain accredited, the renewal fee is due on an annual basis. You will also need to agree to the code of ethics annually, which can be done at the same time as fee payment. In terms of updating your record, CPD statements are required every 2 years.

Who reviews and processes applications?

The Council of the Royal Meteorological Society oversees the accreditation scheme and appoints an Accreditation Board (made up of 8 members) to manage it. The Accreditation Board is also responsible to Council for recommending acceptance or rejection of applicant.

What if I take a career break?

If you to take a career break (e.g. for maternity, paternity or other reasons) for more than six months, you may apply to be placed upon the CMet Dormancy Register. During this period, you maintain a reduced CPD record. Dormancy requires the payment of a reduced annual fee. During this period, you cannot use the post-nominal CMet.

What counts as a specialism?

A full list of specialisms recognised by the Society can be found here

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