James Dent


James Dent FRMetS CMet

Public email: 


01473 827134

Contact address: 

2 Bell Mews

Current Employment: 

Initially with UK River Authorities. Twelve years with leading firms of UK consultants as hydrologist on overseas and UK projects. Four years as contract officer with Bureau of Water Resources, Papua New Guinea. Then WMO Chief Technical Advisor in Bangladesh. Principal Hydrologist and later Technical Director with HR Wallingford 1995-2004. Weather services co-ordinator, EA National Flood Warning Centre 2001-2002. Consultant (Hydrology & Hydrometeorology), UK Met Office 2005-10.

Consultancy inputs hydrometeorlogy and flood warning specialist, Jacobs: 3 projects in Republic of Ireland.
Several single-site flood risk assessments for private clients and developers.
Consultant to World meteorological Organisation (OPACHE, CHy). Involved in production of Flood Forecasting & Warning Manual, Climate and Water Technical Report. Several working groups and training sessions. Currently on working group to revise WMO manual on nuclear plant site safety (TN170).
Consultant on UK Met Office projects for weather based insurance projects in Africa and preliminary design of a severe weather warning system for flash floods and landslips in Rwanda.

Recent work: 

July 2004: Review Mission for Global Water Partnership, to examine flood preparedness and response facilities in Bangladesh;
June-Dec 2004: in Met Office project team, Extreme Event Recognition, Phase 2 (DEFRA);
Jan-Mar 2005: Evaluation of wetland behaviour and management, English Nature; 
June 2005 to date: Technical Reviewer, Met Office project team, Reservoir Safety – Long Return Period Rainfall (DEFRA).


Project management and specialist advice in water resources, hydrology and hydrometeorology; 
Special interest in flood forecasting and warning, flood management, planning and development issues and hydrometric networks; Extensive resident experience in monsoon Asia.



French (fair), Indonesian/Malay (fair), Melanesian pidgin (basic), Bengali (basic).


UK, Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, India, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Mozambique.