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The Royal Meteorological Society is the Learned and Professional Society for weather and climate and strives to promote meteorology as a science, profession and interest. It plays a key role as the custodian of both the science and the profession of meteorology in the UK and has an important role to play internationally as one of the world’s largest meteorological Societies. This is a wide remit that looks to broaden peoples’ understanding, interest and enthusiasm in meteorology, whether they are research scientists, amateurs, practitioners or professional meteorologists or members of the general public. 


The Society goes further, promoting the development of high-quality science, the next generation of scientists, and our practitioner community.  That is promoting professional development of individuals, accrediting organisations and further and higher education courses, encouraging meteorology as a career and helping develop the market for high-quality weather and climate services, both of which are strongly linked (as the Society is) to oceanography and hydrology in particular.  Promoting professional development includes strengthening and diversifying the applications of meteorology for the protection of life and property, for public and policy work and across business sectors.  The Society is owned by its membership, but exists for the benefit of all.

There are many ways in which you can get involved with the work of the Society:

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